Lollapalooza Day 3 wrap up

Of course, we all know day 3 started with my favorite band Wild Sweet Orange (click the band name for a link to thier footage.) After all that excitement, we focused in on finishing out the festival. We had several bands we wanted to see, but after our Wilco seat success, and failure to get a good Radiohead seats, we felt it most important to set up camp and wait for the big show that night.

We arrived at 5:30pm to wait for Gnarls Barkley. We were hoping for a ridiculous outfit, but instead got a very dapper Cee-lo and Danger Mouse. The crowd was very lively and into them the whole set.

 The gold mic was a tremendous touch. The concert was great, but the show was out of control. Everyone around us had a bit of the crazies in them. From one guy dancing a disco jig in matching turquoise shirt and vans shoes, to the high school girls imitating him, to the group of obviously “altered” indians (not because of nationality, but they all had colored feathers in their hair, and danced like what I imagined to be a tribal cheer.), all the way to a couple totally passed out the entire show. And all of that was before Gnarl’s “crazy” was played. When that song showed up, it was like a giant sing along.

 In the hour and a half between Gnarls and Kanye, the wait was too much for most of the folks around us. Many had talked about how Kanye was 4 hours late at Bonnaroo, and they were concerned. At 8:31PM on the nose- The lights came up, smoke kicked in, and everyone went bonkers. I’m pretty sure I could have lifted my legs and still be heldup by the rabid fans. I say rabid, because one guy went to the bathroom without going to bathroom right in the middle of everyone. If the poor girl standing in front of him was a plant, then she was thoroughly watered. He knew that if he left, he would lose his spot and never be able to make it back. Rabid.


The light show was spectacular. The concert set up was nothing quite like I’d seen before. There was a full band, complete with tympani drums. However, that band and set up was on a second tier stage many feet behind the main stage. On the main neon-lighted stage: Kanye West. No back up singers up there, no dancers, nothing except Kanye, and suprisingly, that was enough. I am not a fan of Kanye, don’t own a single download, but- he put on an amazing show. Ego aside, he was immensely entertaining, and everyone else thought so too.

 I’ll leave you with one final image. I found great irony in such a “eco-friendly” festival with many many “green” conscious people all left the joint looking like this every night.


 All and all, Lollapalooza 2008 was one for the books. For me, Wild Sweet Orange had a great showing, and I was very proud of them, and happy to be able to watch. Chris Thomas was a great travel partner, and I am thankful to have gone with him. I got to see great people, listen to amazing music, and support my friends Chip, Garrett, Preston, and Taylor. Too many stories to share, give me a call, and I’ll tell you all about it.

Later people.


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