Lolla Day Two

It’s 1:30AM. I’m exhausted. I stood up in the same spot for over 4 hours. At one point, I considered faking a faint so security would take me away, and I wouldn’t have to fight the crowds. But before I crash, thought I’d share some BRIEF stories, and several pics.

First band of note: EXPLOSIONS IN THE SKY.

All instruments no vocals. Suprising to me: They were awesome.

Their music was all about creating a feeling inside of you. If you’ve ever been thinking to yourself, “I need a soundtrack for my life”, then this is the band for you. Very emotionally powerful.

Next up: Broken Social Scene

The best word I can use to describe this 12 plus ensemble: Bohemian. They were full of energy and hippieness. everyone around us loved them. When I say loved them, I mean… loooooooovvvveeed them. This one guy jumped around the whole time and try to hug everyone around him. I took pictures of him. In contrast, Chris and I sat on the ground waiting for Wilco. But, I got tickled watching Huggy Bear, and had to let you see him. I even did one in soft focus, because that is how I imagined how Huggy saw the world at that moment. Broken Social Scene was a religious experience for him to say the least.

What I thought about the whole thing:

As night time set in, we scooted even closer and waited for the headliner for the night, and Chris’ favorite band- by a country mile, WILCO. I am just being introduced to Wilco, but they put on a spectacular show. You’ve seen the above picture of Chris and I watching Broken Social Scene, but noticed the marked intensity with which Christopher Thomas records Wilco.

I’d also like to mention, my second favorite character of the night, The sign language lady. She was awesome. Clearly rocking some mom jeans, but not afraid to groove with the best of them, and on several occasions, own the air guitar. I’ve got pictures, and video for later. Definitely a highlight. Great night, all the way around, great music, and some tired feet.

For tomorrow: Wild Sweet Orange, Gnarls Barkley, Iron & Wine, The National, and Kanye West, and the newest sensation, Advil.

later dudes.


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