Lollapalooza Day 1

My good friend and rockstar Preston Lovinggood and Co. (Wild Sweet Orange) are playing Lollapalooza. On a whim, I’ve come up to Chicago for the weekend of Rock madness. I’ve come on this journey with Chris Thomas ( When I get home, I’ll have videos and updates for both refried and my other little blog, But for now…….. each night, I’ll try to post some pictures I’ve taken and tell a little bit about my day.

I’ve never been to anything like this, and of course, it’s like an undiscovered country. This is a country of interesting shoes, cynic-filled T-shirts, and outlandish and impractical hair-dos. This country apparently has lines over a mile long to enter; but I digress… I had a big day today.

First up, The Black Lips, then Manchester Orchestra. Both played well, and sadly, were far overshadowed by the HEAT. IT WAS HOT!!! From here we met up with a friend, Nathan Morris and went to Kidzapalooza, were Jeff Tweedy, front man for Wilco was set to play a small set for the kids.

if you look closely at the picture- yeah………. no kids. There were some there, but they were overshadowed by the few thousand “big kids” wanting to see Jeff Tweedy.

After Tweedy, we set out to check in to the hotel, and be back for the Black Keys. Did not make the Keys, the hotel room was far too cool for that. However, on the way back, I took a picture just to show you how ridiculously crowded the place was.

Next up- one of my favorite bands.

The Raconteurs

There is nothing quite like watching a band with a several THOUSANDS of other “friends”.

A few other pics from Jack White and friends:

Next up: Radiohead.

For those of you who haven’t been to a major festival such as this, there are about 8 different stages throughout the park with all types of music playing the entire day. At Lolla in Chicago, the shows start about 11AM and roll on until about 11PM. However, for Radiohead, all the other stages were shut down. Easily, 80,000 plus people were in attendance for Radiohead.

This picture really doesn’t do any of it justice. It was overwhelming to stand in the sea of a crowd and listen to one of the greatest rock bands of our time.

Feet and Back are hurting, but I am loving every second of it. The highlight for me by far, were- as my picture tell- The Raconteurs. Great Show, great crowd, and the energy was through the roof.

I’ll have more pictures tomorrow, and many videos to come. Now…. advil, and sleep. Nighty night.


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