Anyone else ever heard of

From my intern, Kevin Johnson’s blog:

I found it too funny to let go. Hope all is well.

for those of you who don’t know yet, the supposed google-killer has pretty much died itself.  it’s been called out on its lackluster approach to pulling up the most relevant information on the internet.  their servers crashed yesterday because they couldn’t handle all the visitors.  but here’s the deal:  i thought the front page looked pretty wicked awesome:

i thought the black and blue was pretty sweet.  and if you think about it, it probably saved some laptop battery power! not much backlight needed for that page.  go green by going black.  what a concept.  but yeah, when i was discussing with my coworkers, Jay asked the question, “I wonder with the word cuil stands for?”  Within 30 seconds, Lindsey replied, “it’s an old irish word for knowledge.”  when asked how she came up with that, she quickly explained, “i googled it.”


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