Make Believe. Not War.

If you’ll remember from a few months back, this was one of my top four to see at the movies this summer. Last night, I took my first trip to the historic Belcourt Theater( It was opened in 1925 for silent films, and somehow, has flourished as a hot spot for culture, and those “indie” films and documentaries that don’t show up at the Mega-plex.

I ended up dragging about seven guys, some of them, never having heard of the film. They were a bit suprised to only see Sylvester Stallone in small clips on VHS. Thankfully, the majority of them were glad they came. It was a unique movie experience and the film had a huge amount of heart. With the 80’s as a back drop, without giving too much away, it was a great movie about imagination, true friendship, and ………. Rambo. What more do you really need to know?

If you can’t find it at a Theater, rent it, and don’t forget your childhood either.

The movie definitely had “skills”.



One Response to Make Believe. Not War.

  1. Patrick says:

    I know that you won’t believe this, but I am coming around on this film. Sitting there in the “Mighty Belcourt” so late into the night (10:30pm is my normal bedtime), it was difficult at times to focus on what was going on.

    In retrospect, I loved the film. I was completely engaged with this great story of friendship, family and childhood.

    I wouldn’t even mind going to see it again (Maybe a little erarlier. My bedtime IS 10:30pm)

    Notables? Everyone looked like “The Cure” (I tried that once)… I have ALWAYS wanted a Triumph TR7… AND, cussing with a British accent is cool!!!

    It’s an “Own IT” flick. “skills”


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