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Okay, So, I’m sure most of you have heard me go on and on about my favorite band on the planet, Wild Sweet Orange. I have watched all of them grow up, and it has been great witnessing thier potential rise to public media attention.

They’ll be playing David Letterman in June, and Lollapalooza in August. Anyway, I felt it “necessary” to post my recent concert experience for the Refried Nation. Enjoy….


This explains how I felt about last night’s performance:

Last night Garrett Kelly, Chip Kilpatrick, Preston Lovinggood, and Taylor Shaw came to Nashville. 300 or so white people gathered all around, more than likely for the gentle pop melodies of Augustana, but they were definitely welcomed to the show with as usual, and excellent live show.

Opening with the new single, Ten Dead Dogs, Preston in grey suit and black tie, sang with mild irony and shrugged shoulders through most of the song. Straight from there they went into a Dylan-esque version of “Wrestle with God”. It was great to see them play around, and equally refreshing to see that the road hasn’t worn them down.

The crowd was definitely into the show, and the larger venue made for an improved showcase for Taylor Shaw’s ambient chaos. Everything seemed a bit snappier tonight, as a live show should be. Everyone had a microphone, and the vocals were stellar. I haven’t seen Garret sing in a long time, and it was nice to hear the entire band lending a voice. If you haven’t seen Wild Sweet Orange live, then you haven’t really heard them. Every great band sounds better live than recorded- this is definitely the case for WSO. Chip Kilpatrick put on a clinic for making the drums a musical instrument, rather than an afterthought. Garret Kelly adds depth and soul to the bass, and Taylor Shaw is a force. Preston helps you along to realize he believes what he is singing and you should too. It was great to see a band that wasn’t interested in “looking” like a rock band. They were entertaining, but bigger than that, they were inspiring.

The climax to the night, as it should be was their last song. “Aretha’s Gold” was an epic 7 minutes of precisely what Wild Sweet Orange is all about. Rock and Roll. Aretha’s will be the song that every fan wants to hear when they come to a show. It’s raw passion and emotion on display.

After talking a bit with their CAA booking agent, it sounds like big things are on the Horizon for the band. They will visit David Letterman on June 23, spend a week in Europe, and then back to Birmingham for the CD release party. Then it begins.

Check them out at:



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