40,000 deaths. I’m not able to process this.

CHENGDU, China (CNN) — A 60-year-old woman has been found alive after being trapped for 195 hours in the aftermath of the Chinese earthquake. She survived by drinking rainwater and suffered just facial bruises and a minor fracture, The Associated Press reports.

Survivors are still being found against all odds eight days after the devastating quake. 
The woman was identified only by her last name Wang, according to Hong Kong-based Phoenix Satellite Television, AP said. An air force officer, Xie Ling Long, interviewed on the television channel said the woman was conscious when found Tuesday afternoon, AP reported. Wang was apparently trapped in a landslide that swept away a temple in the city of Pengzhou. She was able to initially move, but a later aftershock trapped her between two rocks, according to AP.

Her dramatic discovery came hours after rescue teams pulled two men men from the rubble in Sichuan province. One of the men was found in a mine in Qingchuna county and a second in a hydroelectric plant in Wenchuan county, state-run media reported. They had been buried for six days and 20 hours and seven days and 11 hours, respectively, according to China’s Xinhua news agency. The rescues give a glimmer of hope amid the rising daily death toll.

Official figures show the number dead has risen to 40,075 in the Sichuan province alone.

On MondayChina paused to honor victims of the disaster and braced themselves for further aftershocks. The Sichuan Seismological Bureau warned residents that a strong aftershock was likely to happen in the province, Xinhua reported. The bureau said there was a bigger possibility of the aftershock between Monday and Tuesday as it warned local government and people to take precautions. “You expect to see aftershocks following a major earthquake,” said Susan Potter, a geophysicist with the U.S. Geological Survey in Golden, Colorado, “but they become less frequent and smaller as time goes on.” Potter said the USGS does not issue aftershock predictions.

State media showed people camping on the streets and in city squares after the government-issued aftershock warning. China’s observance of the earthquake came exactly a week after the 7.9-magnitude earthquake shook the county’s southwest to its core — 2:28 p.m. Monday. The temblor killed at least 34,073 and injured another 245,109.

The observance erupted into a loud outpouring of emotion among thousands of people in Chengdu, a major city close to the quake’s epicenter and the capital of China’s Sichuan province. They ended three minutes of silent observance with cries of grief and shouts of support for the recovery effort.  Watch the emotional observance in Chengdu

The observance began three days of mourning in China, including a temporary suspension of the Olympic torch relay. Strong aftershocks and fears of flash flooding and landslides hindered rescue efforts. Chinese seismologists measured a 5.4 magnitude tremor at 2:06 p.m. Monday, Xinhua reported. Mud flows buried more than 200 relief workers who were working to repair damaged roads in the Sichuan province, Xinhua reported Monday afternoon. The earthquake severely disrupted power and communication facilities in the Sichuan province, but Chinese officials said Monday they have made major progress in restoring service. The electricity production and distribution has been returned to a level about 80 percent of what it was before the quake, although the four hardest hit counties closest to the epicenter are still without power, an official said.

Telecommunication services have been restored to 76 of the 109 townships in the province, another official said. Workers battled landslides and other barriers to carry fiber communications equipment on foot to restore communications, the official said. So far, almost 60 aid organizations from 13 countries were assisting in the aftermath of the quake. Among the countries are India, France, Singapore, the Philippines and the United States.

The quake was the worst tremor to strike China in three decades; a 1976 earthquake killed more than 250,000 people.


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